Password protected folder

Learn how to password protect a folder without using any 3rd party software. If you have windows, you can do all that using VBS scripting.

Chipmunks Songs

Learn how to make funny voices and songs like in the movie - Alvin and The Chipmunks

Intro: Wolfram Alpha

Homeworks can be real hassle, and not all the times you can go to a teacher or a tutor to get help on your problem. Other website charge you to get help from them and you dont know that you are really getting out from them, so introducing Wolfram Alpha, that generates answers to your questions automatically, immediately and best: for FREE.

Costume TapTap

You cannot get the track of your choice in TapTap, but adding some effort to the ipod gives you a game with your favorite song to play with.

May 31, 2009

How to make an INVISIBLE icon on your computer.

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This tutorial teaches you how to make an invisible icon on your computer.
  1. Go to the Desktop or any folders in your computer
  2. Right click on a empty space and select "NEW">"FOLDER". It will create a new folder.
  3. Now right click on the new folder and select "PROPERTIES"
  4. Go to "CUSTOMIZE" tab and then select "CHANGE ICON"
  5. You will now get a bunch of icons. If you slide towards right(6 or 7 clicks) then you will see some empty space. Select one of those icons. and then press "OK" and "OK" again on the other window.
  6. The icon is invisible, but now to hide the words on it, right click on it, and select "RENAME" and then type in ALT255 and then press ENTER.
And you are done.

You can drag drag your mouse around to see the invisible icon and you can rename the folder by re-doing last step.

1) The name is not still invisible??
> Make sure you pressed "ALT" button on your keyboard and pressed 255, not type ALT255 from your keyboard.
2) Does this work on MAC?
> I dint know. why don't you test it for me??

**for some weird reason, I couldn't delete my invisible folder. so take precautions.

May 27, 2009

Download Videos LEGALLY from YouTube

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I think YouTube recently introduced this new feature where a user can legally download certain videos. Right below the position bar, you will see "Download" link> Click it and you will be taken to Google Checkout window. This is what YouTube has to say for new downloading feature in their Youtube Support Page :
In general, downloading videos from YouTube is not supported. We are however currently testing an option with a small group of partners, giving them the ability to permit downloading of their videos downloads for free or for a small fee paid through Google Checkout. For more information, please visit our Blog and the following Help Center entry about partner video downloads.
update**: Not all the videos have this feature. Actually, this is the only video that has this feature.

May 26, 2009

Another way to have fun with webcams and Iphone/Ipod Touch

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We all know how cool gadgets can take away time when you are bored. Yet today, I present another cool way to have fun with webcams and Iphone/Ipod touch. This is more fun in Ipod Touch since it doesnt have a camera and Iphone already has a camera and other camera apps in app store .
First off, tools and softwares required:
  • Wireless internet [a must]
  • Ipod Touch/ Iphone
  • A regular webcam
  • Jumi App on Ipod Touch/Iphone
  • Cam Splitter 3.0 [Freeware]
  • ManyCam 2.4 [Freeware]

To start off, install a app called JumiCam Lite .This app allows you to view your webcam live from your wireless network. Then you can download the client version for the software and install in the computer where your webcam is connected to. You can also visit for more information on setup of your device.

Next, download a software called CamSplitter 3.0 . It allows you to stream your webcam into two different softwares/programs without blocking the webcam. Install the program on your computer and then run it, but make sure you are not running JumiCam.

Now, download ManyCam 2.4 and install it on your computer. This will allow you to webcast your webcam in various designs and fun ways.

Now is the most important part. You are going to setup the devices to work together to create a fun time.

  • First start CamSplitter and select your device.
  • Then start JumiCam and make sure you are seeing webcast on your Ipod.
  • Then start ManyCams and then go to Sources Tab. Then Click on CamSplitter.
It is recommended to restart your Iphone/Ipod Touch and your computer for proper connection between them.
Now you can see the images on your Ipod and your Computer and from ManyCam, you can change backgrounds or add effects on your face brag among your friends with it. You can also play a video on the computer and then watch the video on ipod but sound cannot be transmitted.:(.. So have fun with this software. Feel free to leave a comment if you dont understand any of the steps..

May 25, 2009

How to auto-login using Face Detection system

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I just found this software, keylemon and it allows a person to log into his windows user account using face detection system. It works just like finger print scanner, but instead it uses your face. YOU MUST HAVE A WEB CAM FOR THE PROGRAM TO RUN PROPERLY. But remember, this software is not foolproof. Anyone can use a photo of the person in order to log-in, so remember, this is only an option, not recommended for everyone due to security purposes.

The free version has total 30 usages and full version is about $19.95.

How to watch online videos in Iphone/Ipod Touch

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All the Iphone/Ipod Touches have the builtin YouTube App, but is that sufficient to see other videos? That app doesn't even have much of the videos available in the desktop version. So here's a neat trick to see videos available in other sites(needs a quicktime player). So the first one is, watch video in Google Videos . In your Iphone/Ipod Touch, open a browser and type in a search query in the google search box. After you get your results, go to your address bar, it will say something like, [ video)&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&client=safari]. Now scroll to the end of your address bar and then delete [safari] part. Then you will get a regular Google Search results. Then click on Videos . You will see your results, but you dont want to click on that says because that will take your to native youtube app. So search for the one that says you will get a flash player not found picture and then on your right side, you can see "Download Videos Ipod/PSP" Just wait for a couple of seconds, according to your bandwidth speed and then you will have a QuickTime player playing your Video.

Thats just the first part...
The second really helpful site to see videos in Dailymotion . But the thing you need to look after is, when you go to the page, it pops out a dialogue box saying asking if you want to transfer to its mobile site. Just press No/Cancel and proceed. If you accidently pressed YES and want to go to desktop version, clear out your History, Cookies and Cache from your Settings>Safari on Iphone/IpodTouch

Pros: All the videos play in Quicktime player.
Cons: kinda slow and sometimes crashes safari and have to click "cancel" on every page.

May 20, 2009

Soldier Front W/C 2008 Replay Tapes

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I play a MMOFPS with some of my friends during the weekends. Its ijji-Soldier Front and if some of you have been playing that game, its really addicting. During last year's September/October was World Championship of Soldier Front, held in China and people are really desperate to see the replay tapes of the games. I luckily have found the complete replay tapes for the game and have posted detail information on how to use them.

Here is the link to the world championship replays. ALL OF THEM ARE HERE.
no viruses or malwares or anything, just trying to help out the forum. its about 25 MB because of all the files and stuff. Antivirus results Here is how you see them.

  • Download the file and extract it anywhere you like to
    Then go to your newly extracted folder and then open "Replay Player.exe"
  • It will give your error message saying Special Force not found, then click OK and then browse your SF folder and reach upto your USF folder
  • Then a new Black Window opens(not full window. you can see your desktop). Click on Select Replay Folder.
  • Then browse to the game you wanna see. The replay file will look like 2008November21.rpl . Dont select the .txt file because it has info about the game and peoples' kill and death . and enjoy
Oh! and one more heads up, you cannot use this method to watch the regularly saved replay tape. You must use your Replay Tape Viewer in your computer. 
YouTube Video on how to watch

Leave a comment if the downloading does not work or you need different servers to download from. Ill be happy to help.

Rapidshare download

Mediafire download

4shared download

Megaupload download

May 17, 2009

How to make a fake virus

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Do you have anyone that you feel uses your computer too much? Well then here is the right solution for you. Make a Fake Virus that automatically shuts down the computer when the user clicks the icon. Lets start.
  1. Right click on your desktop and select NEW>SHORTCUT.
  2. Type shutdown -s -t 10 (10 can be any number in seconds that you want your computer to shutdown in) on the location box and click next.
  3. Change the default name into something else. Lets say Internet Explorer.
  4. You will have a new icon on your desktop saying Internet Explorer.exe
We are done with making the fake part, now the part where we change the design so it looks realistic.
  1. Right click on the new icon that we just made and select PROPERTIES.
  2. On SHORTCUT tab, select CHANGE ICON.
  3. If you get a Pop up, just click OK and move on.
  4. Once you get change Icon dialogue box, select browse
  5. Reach your My computer/ C:/ Program Files/ Internet Explorer and select iexplore.exe
  6. then you will get bunch of other icons. select one of them and click OK.
Your icon image has changed and when you double click on the button, It will say, Computer will shutdown is less than a minute, in vista. and in XP, it shows a dialogue box with the timer on.
After you do all this, you can send it to your friends too. make then download the icon and open it. the computer shutsdown automatically. More information can be found in shutdown command if you go to START>RUN> and type CMD or for vista, just type CMD on the search bar in Start Menu.and type shutdown/? it will show you more options on how to change the display pattern.,



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