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Learn how to password protect a folder without using any 3rd party software. If you have windows, you can do all that using VBS scripting.

Chipmunks Songs

Learn how to make funny voices and songs like in the movie - Alvin and The Chipmunks

Intro: Wolfram Alpha

Homeworks can be real hassle, and not all the times you can go to a teacher or a tutor to get help on your problem. Other website charge you to get help from them and you dont know that you are really getting out from them, so introducing Wolfram Alpha, that generates answers to your questions automatically, immediately and best: for FREE.

Costume TapTap

You cannot get the track of your choice in TapTap, but adding some effort to the ipod gives you a game with your favorite song to play with.

Sep 19, 2009

How to make a custom track for Tap-Tap

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This is with TapTap Classic. I havent tried with TTR2 or TTDance or others.

Almost every body has Tap Tap in their Iphone or Ipod Touch. It is just like the Rock Band in PS3/XBox360 but in smaller version. But the only bad thing about the app is you cannot download the song of your choice from their server, but after reading this guide, you can.
Things you need:
1)jailbroken (yes! it has to be jailbroken) IpodTouch/Iphone with OpenSSH enabled.
2)Wireless Internet
3)Little Patience

Lets Start...
  • First, download the Tap Tap maker from this site. Install the software and then open it.
  • Go to File>Import Song and select the song of your choice.
  • After your song starts playing, click on "RECORD" button. Now the song starts again and "Record" button changes to "Recording". As the song plays, press LEFT, DOWN and RIGHT the same way you want it to appear in the game.
  • After you are done with the song, save the song by clicking File>"Save Tap/M4A" and select your destination.
You are done with making your track, now transferring it to Ipod.
You are going to use OpenSSH to transfer the files from your computer to Ipod. If you already have OpenSSH enabled on your Iphone, go straight down. And if you havent enabled OpenSSH, read this guide.
  • Go to your Cydia and then search for OPENSSH and then install it on your iPod.
  • Download the client for your Computer from here. Select WinSCP 4.2.3 Beta (Installation Package).This is WinSCP and it helps you with SSH connnection with your iPhone.
  • Install the WinSCP and run it(there is an icon on your desktop).
  • First time you run the program, you will get WinSCP login dialogue box. Enter the following data:
  • Host name is your Iphone/Ipod Touch's local ip-address. To find your Ip-address, go to your Iphone's Settings>WiFi> Click on the blue arrow next to your network and the numbers that is next to "Ip Adress" is your hostname.
  • User name is root and password is alpine.
  • Click on Login. make sure your iPhone in your homescreen and wait about 10-20 seconds(depending upon the speed).
Now to transfer the track into iphone.
  • Navigate to "/private/var/mobile/Applications". You will see some really weird looking file names like (414F8448-6F1D-430C-A0A7-203E42E557BD). You need to look into every folder in order to find The filename above is the one that is in my ipod, so you might try that one too. If you want to save some time, i would suggest un-sync all the apps from iTunes9.0 except "Tap Tap" and locate the filename. Make sure you bookmark the address if you might want to visit the folder again and make some changes.
  • After you find your, go to Tracks folder and copy the M4A file in your Music folder, tap file in your Taps folder. If you dont find it, try making the filenames of .m4a &.tap files shorter. And add (extreme or hard or easy) at the end of the file name of your .tap file. For example, if your file is "MySong.tap", change it to "MySong (easy).tap" or your track wont be visible in TapTap.
And you are DONE. PHEW!!!! Open up your TapTap, select your song and play.

Watch the video if you have confusion in any parts. Feel free to comment or mail me if you still have some more questions.

Sep 5, 2009

How to track email senders?

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Now a days, almost every one gets spam and scams on their emails. It is always good to stay protected against scammers by knowing where the email is coming from, in order to prevent a facepalm. About couple of months ago, when my sister was looking to buy a new car, she got a email from a seller saying he is in UK at the moment and he was willing to sell his Honda Accord, '07 for $7000. She asked me to check where his email was coming from. I checked it and found it was from Mountain View, CA. You can use the following methodes go check where the email is coming from. I am only going to cover 3 major email services: Gmail,Yahoo Mail andHotmail this time.
First stop...
Go to's email sender tracker service. You will use it while tracing the email.

  • Log into your account and then select your message that you want to trace.
  • On your screen's right side, click on "New Window". You will get the same email on new window, with a couple of options.
  • On the new window, next to "Reply", click the drop down arrow and click on "Show Original."
  • Copy the whole document and paste it at's email tracker and click "Trace Email Sender" button on the bottom of the page.
Yahoo Mail (using new newer version)
  • Log in and select the message you want to trace.
  • Click on the drop down menu next to "Compact Header" and select "Full Header"
  • Copy the whole document and paste it at's email tracker and click "Trace Email Sender" button on the bottom of the page.
  • Log into your account, and RIGHT CLICK on the message you want to trace.
  • Click on "View Message Source". The whole message will come up in a new window, but this time, you cannot copy the message and use's tracker.
  • So lookout for keyword like "Received: from xxxxxxxxxx" around 5th or 6th line. Copy only the ip-adress(something like xxx.xx.xx.xx) and paste it at's IP Tracker.
If all things are done correctly, you will get the location on a map.

If you want information on more email services, I suggest you visit "Google Email Support Center"

Leave a comment if you have trouble doing something.


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