May 31, 2009

How to make an INVISIBLE icon on your computer.

Posted by Aayush at 1:23 PM
This tutorial teaches you how to make an invisible icon on your computer.
  1. Go to the Desktop or any folders in your computer
  2. Right click on a empty space and select "NEW">"FOLDER". It will create a new folder.
  3. Now right click on the new folder and select "PROPERTIES"
  4. Go to "CUSTOMIZE" tab and then select "CHANGE ICON"
  5. You will now get a bunch of icons. If you slide towards right(6 or 7 clicks) then you will see some empty space. Select one of those icons. and then press "OK" and "OK" again on the other window.
  6. The icon is invisible, but now to hide the words on it, right click on it, and select "RENAME" and then type in ALT255 and then press ENTER.
And you are done.

You can drag drag your mouse around to see the invisible icon and you can rename the folder by re-doing last step.

1) The name is not still invisible??
> Make sure you pressed "ALT" button on your keyboard and pressed 255, not type ALT255 from your keyboard.
2) Does this work on MAC?
> I dint know. why don't you test it for me??

**for some weird reason, I couldn't delete my invisible folder. so take precautions.

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