Oct 28, 2009

Get help on any math/ other homeworks

Posted by Aayush at 8:39 PM
I hate homework, and often times, I have some questions that give me really hard time solving it an not all the times, I get the help required like a tutor or a teacher. I know hotmath is there for math questions, but still it gives only the odd problem answers and they are all prestated questions, meaning i cannot make my own question. Well, technically I can, but i have to pay for the tutor. But today, I am going to teach you how to solve any high school level (some college) math problems, free by using the internet in seconds.
Click Here to visit the site directly to Mathematics section. The website is WolframAlpha.com.
How does the website help students?
>Rather than Google.com which finds you the links to your answers or wikipedia.org which gives you uncertain answers, wolframalpha gives you direct answer with step by step help.
How much do i have to pay to use it?
>Believe me or not, there are free things in internet.
WolframAlpha doesnt have any answers related to my subject?
> Leave them your email adderss, they will get back to you after they have the answer.
Is the website available in other devices?
> Yes, Wolframalpha for iPhone/IpodTouch or iMathematics, both of them are operated by Wolfram. But the catch is, WolframAlpha(the real one) costs $49.99 to buy, but instead, you can use iMathematics which has builtin wolframalpha search engine it in.
I dont know how to use the website properly?
> I dont either. Go to their examples section and find the question that you need help on.
Give me an example.
> Click me to see an example of real question.

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