Jun 2, 2009

Mac OSx theme For Vista

Posted by Aayush at 8:27 PM
Are you bored with looking at the same dull Vista screen and the same dull "AERO" theme? Do you want to change your computing experience? I have the exact solution for your windows computer.
Check out VistaOSx.net . This site offers you a program which totally changes your desktop. I believe this site provides looks for windows vista only, not for XP. :(. But fear not people, Leopard XP provides just the right software for you. Just download the setup and then install on your computer. Restart and open the VistaOSX Theme.theme thats on your desktop and happy WindowsMacking. I made that up.
Features that I like:
> Aqua scroll bar
> New icon for start button
> New boot animation and image.
>How do you change the theme back to default?
>Right click on desktop, go to properties/Personalize, go to themes, select a different theme.
>How do you uninstall the theme?
>Go to C:/VistaOx09 and then run "UntitledProject1.exe". Or you can run System Restore to a previous point.
>If you decide to remove the theme after 5 days (5 days is the limit for System Restore), then check out this guide
>Where is UntitledProject1.exe?
> Its hidden. See how to unhide

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