Jun 15, 2009

Swagbucks: Get paid for searching

Posted by Aayush at 11:11 PM

I bet you already use Google.com to get your search result, what if I introduce you to a site, that actually rewards you for searching from their site? It is SwagBucks.com.com. This site gets your search results from google.com and yahoo.com, so that means, you are actually getting broad search results and SwagBucks.com for searching. Till now, I have already redeemed 2 ($5 each) amazon.com giftcard and 1 itunes $15 gift card.

Search & Win

This is how it works...

  1. You sign up for SwagBucks.com, which is totally free and in addition to that, they give you 3 SB at first.
  2. You go to SwagBucks.com and then you search like any other sites.
  3. About once or twice a day, you will get rewarded(anything from 1 SB to 100 SB) and then you log into your account to claim the swagbuck.
  4. And after you get certain amount, you can exchange the amount for real life prize(they have tons of prizes in their store)

Search & Win

Ways to earn.

  • You can search, which generally, you get paid twice a day.
  • You can trade your old cellphones, video games, game consoles for SwagBucks.com.
  • You can get free swagcodes from their blogs, which is usually posted during special occations.
  • You can send them a picture/video of you getting the prize and in return, get 1 SwagBuck in return.

But remember, ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY. So, do not dream of getting all the SwagBucks in a single day. Keep searching till you get the amount you want.
Search & Win

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